Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hasbro! Racist?

By Michala T. 

Hasbro better put on their boxing gear! Suit up and get ready to fight! No…not the six year old who wrote this letter (or the 27 year old mother who probably had more to do with this than she’s willing to admit) but all the other people who are now growing more confident about their refusal to be overgeneralized, stigmitized, and made to feel like one of the little people. Because the little people are standing up!

I get that there are people out there who have endured racism and face the hatred of ignorant people. These people feel they have been wronged and I'm confident a great many of them have indeed been done so. And these people are getting younger and younger by the day. With internet bullying almost every child out there has been wronged by someone. Bad enough many of them endure this within the confines of their homes they now see it online too!
But I'm just overly curious where such a thought (for a six year old) could have come from.  Children learn from their environment and I'm curious just how angry this mother is about other ways she has been wronged for it to spill over onto her child. And  I am sure that where one child in such a case exists...there are more. If a six year old can notice (and take offense) to the few female faces in the game Guess Who you can likely expect others to start popping up.

Is the gaming world about to be changed forever more? Is the iconic Guess Who game going to be pulled off the shelves? I doubt that. I do however see them bringing a new New and Improved version which will allow me to now ask this the next time I play a new myriad of questions such as...

“Does your person have slanted eyes?” (This could help me determine if they are possibly Japanese or Chinese maybe?

“Does your person where feathers?” (Do Indians still do this?)

“Is your person holding a gun?” (Statistically that might mean the person is black?)

“Is your person wearing a cowboy hat?” (All Southerners do this, no?”

All of these questions are totally racial if the thought that is connected to them are similar to those.  PLEASE KNOW THAT I WOULD NEVER ASK SUCH QUESTIONS PAIRED WITH SUCH THOUGHTS!!! But there are plenty who would stigmitize such questions with a 'type' of person. Check out Alfred, in the top picture, and tell me you don't believe people aren't thinking stuff like...can he talk grammatically professional? Does he smoke? Is he a wife beater? Does he drink? Ride a motorcycle? I bet he's spent time in jail before. The list goes on and on! Why not keep it to fictionary pictures. Superheroes edition? Cute little animals edition? It would be safer. But no...we have to be rampant with our distaste of Hasbro's likely unresearched and never even considered choices of people.

Great now we have to say…is your person light black or charcoal black? Or is your person orange or are they more burnt ginger? Is your person Edward Cullen White or Frosty Snowman white?

What other game changes are we going to be seeing as we recognize Guess Who is now more politically correct and universally acceptable in terms of the colors, genders, and such?

Will Snakes and Ladders be offended soon by PETA and want it removed? I mean we do have Chutes and Ladders available…Maybe that’s reaching I know. I just don’t understand how a game for tiny tots has never posed such an issue to warrant a letter and complaint regarding the faces on the game. There have been billions of people playing these games and no one has ever bothered to make such a remark, at least not publicly.
Now Hasbro must change? Oh wait they DID change. DUH! This mother could have researched a little and learned that Hasbro has created some way cool character sheets and made the electronic versions more equally yoked. Check out this video to see...

My point is that it is the time of the year where people are offended for everything. Nativity scenes being banned. People offended when somesay Merry Christmas. I only wonder when did we become so easily offended, so irritable with others and their choices. Is this game HURTING someone? Anyone? Obviously it is. But does that warrant changing it all for one person?

What is your opinion on this? I’d love to hear it!!!

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