Thursday, November 29, 2012

Five Things to do with Your Website

Cleaning Up Your Website Can Be A Beautiful Thing

By Michala T.

Are you pleased with the shape your site is in? Are you gettng the amount of traffic you would like? I'm no expert at the technicalities in blogging and/or website perfectionists but I can say that I feel pretty pleased and proud of my own site. I mean in less than four months we've reached a record number over over 8,000 views. (Of course we have all you readers to thank for that!) But I would like to accept some of that success due to our talents here as well as our blog design.
So here are just a few things I think are important things to be mindful of. I'm quite certain there are a million more things that can be done to be more successful, and we are all learning together. Enjoy!

Remove Your Background Music:

            Have you ever heard someone make the statement that you can’t please everybody at once? This is one way you can definitely lose more people faster than you can gain them. Music is such a wide, vast field and the tastes and dislikes are just too much to take a chance on. You may love Eminem or New Kids on the Block but that doesn’t mean everybody who comes across your blog does. And if they don’t like the song playing they are likely to close out that webpage quicker than a smack on the arm of a blood sucking mosquito bite.

            Not only that but what if you load a song that has explicit lyrics and your reader just so happens to pop in on your blog WHILE AT WORK! All of a sudden some random song blasts uncensored versions and YIKES! If you have to have music in your background make certain your readers can choose what they listen to. No autoplay. Okay?


            Do you want people to read your stuff and think, “wow, I’d love to share this with so and so” only to learn that they have to do all the hard work? Hello? People like EASY. You should like EASY. So put up the darn SHARE button! It’s that EASY!!!!


            If you are going to Blog, you must tweet too. I’m sorry. I hate to give you more work to do but unless you want to be successful with your blog, you must do this. Consider using Twitter.

            Honestly there are moments when I think, “this can’t really be doing me any good, can it?” But it really does help out. Get yourself out there, not just on the blog, but on the tweet-a-sphere as well. J

Make Your Blog Eye Candy Not Sore Eyes”

            The colors and design of your blog is either going to attract people or scare them away. White backgrounds with dark text is the easiest to read. So it is by far the best option.  However there are people, like me, who love to be artistic and creative and…pretty. Make certain it is not hard on the eyes. Ask people you can trust to give their honest opinion to view your page briefly and give their ideas.

            Sidebars need to be uncluttered. Organization is good people. Don’t make things too big or too small.  Clean it up reguarlary too! Clunky is bad. L

Spell Check:

            Read over something three times: twice silently and then once aloud. You’ll likely catch most things this way. Don’t rely on that nice easy button with the check mark and think ALL IS PERFECT. Nope!!  Spell checker looks at a word to make sure it is spelled correctly. It doesn’t see that you wrote the word weather instead of whether. Here is a list of words easily misused and missed by spell checker ALL THE TIME!

Its        it’s                   then   than               your   you’re                        lose     loose

Effect affect                                   their     they’re     there

There are many more. LEARN THE COMMON MISTAKES! If you are going to be a professional blogger at least pretend to be a professional when you blog. Make the appearance work.

Want a tip?

When I write my stuff, I write it in size 16 or 18  or even 22 font. It’s easier to catch a mistake. (My poor eyesight suffers enough as it is!) Then after you are done checking and rechecking, change the font back to its intended size. Ta-Da!!!

I would love to hear what successful tips you have to help make websites & blogs better. Please leave your comments!!!!

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