Saturday, November 3, 2012

Entertaining myself


Technically it is day 3 since it's just passed midnight. I was able to get a solid chapter written today. I wanted to write more but I was just really exhausted physically. And I had a lot of school assignments that I could no longer put off. Having been sick this month, I lost my footing and unfortunately some of my motivation as well. (I've been in school for way too long!)

Anyway...the book has a new name. I think I mentioned that. Intended Keeper Now that I'm not arguing with one of my characters I can focus on writing the story. These characters can be so needy.

There are certain points in the writing process that I stop and laugh at what I've written. I have to reread it and think, "did I really write that?" And then I wonder..."Where the heck did that come from?"  Just another example of how I entertain myself with my writing:

“Listen here.” She made sure I was watching her. “That man out there, he is a tall shot of vodka.”

          “Huh?” Sometimes Tracy’s analogies flew straight over my head. It was unfortunate because she used them all the time.
          “Consider yourself an alcoholic this summer, Anna. And that man,” she pointed towards the window, “is a tall shot of vodka. He is to be avoided at all cost. Do you hear me?”


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