Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daughters of The Night: Sanctuary By Ashley A. Torbeck

Reviewed by Michala T.

Opening the book, the reader is propelled into the mind and thoughts of shy Ms. Carmen Heathers. Her life has been tough but somehow she has managed to survive whatever comes at her. But at this very moment in time, surviving her past is nothing compared to what her future has in store for her. Just walking to the car of the ‘ultra-hot, eyes and bod to die for’ Gaviyn, Carmen is already experiencing a rush of emotions and thoughts that she would just die if he could read her mind.

A day where receiving news on such a grand scale as today, Carmen should be celebrating and living it up, but it all goes sour when she ends up being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or has the fates of time been dipping their fingers in the well of her so-called life, entertaining themselves at her expense?

It doesn’t matter because Gaviyn comes to save her, and save her he does. Only in the process he has damned her to a life that she didn’t ask for and is entirely uncertain she can handle. Can she love a vampire? Is her love for Gaviyn enough to make it through a centuries-old curse?

Thrown into a deadly battle Carmen must find her identity, lay claim to her purpose and role in this battle that has been going on for centuries, and fight not only for herself and her love, but also for all the misfit witches and vampires that are depending on her for their own survival.

Daughters of Night: Sanctuary is a YA novel, a fast-paced read, and one you will be flipping pages in search of Carmen’s next move. Ashley allows the reader to get into the mind of a powerful but often uncertain young woman. She portrays vivid accounts of events and experiences with a keen observation to the emotional and mental distresses of the very average girl in search of her path into adulthood. She spreads the icing on and then ever so expertly sprinkles colorful fantasy components into the mix.

A truly entertaining tale, I look forward to book two of Ashley’s Daughters of Night Series.

Score: 8  

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