Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012 Presidential Election: How You Should Vote

By JccKeith

Do It Because I Do!
Seriously people, I am not going to tell you who to vote for or why.  Honestly, if you don’t already know who you’re voting for then you may lack the ability to make decisions.  I follow up this statement with the belief that if you allow your vote to be swayed by the media or by political advertisements or even other people’s opinions, then you should take a quarter with you and just flip it to decide which candidate to vote for.  Perhaps if you lack a quarter, try the eenie meenie miney moe approach.

By the way, this should be my last post about things unrelated to literature.  In the near future I will return to writing about writing or writing about reading.  It is just that, on the weekend before the big day, I am flooded with political propaganda.  The sad part is, the propaganda is from those people in my friend list.  I am inundated with post after post either promoting a candidate or downing the other.

While I admire the steadfastness to the cause of voting and to their candidate – enough already.  I get it.  I know who you’re voting for.  I know why you dislike the other candidate – and for most there seems to only be two candidates, they completely ignore the independents.  For those voting for an independent, enough already – I am aware of your dislike of the majority and of ‘the system.’  Your opinion is valid and I would like to thank you for sharing but I would also like to say, I have never been one to do something just because someone else did it.  This means that while I value your personal opinions, they will not alter my own.

I said VOTE!
I just want to ask these people flooding the newsfeed with political posts, ‘Do you believe that your posts will alter someone’s opinion?  Do you believe that your choice should be someone else’s choice?  Do you want to influence others to side with you?  Or would you rather your candidate be solid enough to not need your propaganda and as such, result in those people you wish to influence, to garner their vote without coercing?  Would you rather people educate themselves and decide for themselves based on their own personal values and beliefs?  Is this not the essence of the system, that each individual has the right to choose on their own?’

Do not misunderstand me, voting is important and so is knowledge of the issues.  I’m just saying that the endless stream of political posts is unnecessary.  Surely, or at least I would hope, that all who opt to vote on Tuesday are already aware of the good and bad sides of each candidate.  Hopefully, people have used the vast resources available, and not the news media or other biased sources, to inform themselves of each candidate’s history and their past actions and their stated future actions.

The only thing I can say, and would like to see more of, is encouragement to not only seek out knowledge of how the government works, how elections work, what role your vote plays overall, each candidates qualifications/history/experience/actions/plans but also to make the effort to show up and vote.  You don’t have to tell me who you’re voting for or why, just go vote.  Make your opinion matter.

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