Friday, October 5, 2012

Word of the Day: Devoir

It is awful nice of you genteel readers to stop by for a visit today. I am always saying that we have the best readers in the world. Why I was just telling Mary-Sue the other day how wonderful each and everyone of you are. I guess I should repay your kindness with what you came here for, today's word. And since you were so kind to show up I thing today's word will be devoir. Let us see how defines this word.

Devoir /duh-VWAHR/,noun;

1 :duty, responsibility

2 :a usually formal act of civility or respect.

Do you have to rush off so soon. It seems like your visits are all to brief. I do hope that you enjoyed your visit and that you can find a use for devoir today. Please do leave us a message down bellow in the comment box. And as always Thank you. 

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