Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Word of the Day: Acephalous

Welcome back to America's fast growing blog post, Who Wants That Word of the Day. As always I am your host Rummie Mailliw. Let us welcome back our returning champion Ms. Betty Farkenburshien from Arkon, Ohio. So please give Miss Farenbumstien a huge round of applause. So Mrs. Finkinpunshire are you ready to see what you will be playing for. I thought so. So let us take a look at and see what it is, acephalous.

Acephalous \ey-SEF-uh-luhs\, adjective;

1. Without a leader
2. Also, acephalic Zoology. headless, lacking a distinct head

Oh I am sorry Mr. Smith, but that is the wrong answer. I am afraid you will be leaving us empty handed. Well that is all the time we have for today. Remember to spread the word acephalous to everyone you know. And please leave us an example in the comment box. I'm Rummie Mailliw and from me and everyone here at Who Wants That Word of the Day goodnight. Thank you

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