Monday, October 22, 2012

Word of the Day: Extemporize

Please, Please forgive me people. Today has just been so chaotic that I have not really had the time to properly prepare a Word of the Day for you. Pleas bear with me. For those more daring please do bare with me. Just give me a minute or two to flip through the old dictionary so I can find a word. Let us us we go...this sounds like a winner,extemporize. Now let's see what defines it.

Extemporize \ik-STEMP-puh-ryze\, verb;

1. improvise
2. to get along in a makeshift manner

I do hope this was okay. I tell you it is really to extemporize something like this on a short notice. If you liked this please do share it with your friends. And please leave us something down in the below. Thank you.

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