Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Word of the Day: Superfluous

Please come on in and make yourself feel at home, won't you. As you can see we have spared no expense to make you feel comfortable. We have imported the finest silks and spices from the East. We have brought in the finest chefs...What is that you say, you have only come here for today's word. Well silly boy, why didn't you just say so. Let's head on over to Merriam-Webster.com to see what they have to say about the word superfluous.

Superfluous \s-ˈpər-flü-əs\, adjective;

1a :exceeding what is sufficient or necessary: EXTRA

1b :not needed: UNNECESSARY

2 :obsolete: marked by wastefulness: EXTRAVAGANT

Now that we have seen what the word superfluous means you sure you will not be joining us for dinner. Oh well then off you go and spread the word. And do make sure to leave us a little something down bellow. Thank you. 

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