Friday, October 12, 2012

Word of the Day: Sybarite

Who among us has not wondered what it would have been like to be king or queen of our own little country. To bask in all the wealth and power that it would entail. Those of us who do not have the fortunes of a Bill Gates like to think if we did that we would help out those who are less fortunate. But in the end I think even they would be a sybarite.

Sybarite (syb-a-rite) \SIB-uh-rahyt\, noun;

1 :(usually lowercase) a person devoted to luxury or pleasure

2 :an inhabitant of Sybaris

This is when I would say something clever to end this piece; tell you to spread the word sybarite around and then ask you to leave us an example down below. Today I'm going ask you, our readers, to do a little more. I ask that consider to giving to a cause that has some meaning to you. Help out those that could use a helping hand. It's compassionate thing to do. Thank you.

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