Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Word of the Day: Lenticular

Can I help you today, sir?

Yes, I am interested in buying a new TV. I was wondering what you could tell me about this model?

We just got this beauty in sir. It's the J32-3F, it comes standard with a 42” LCD screen. This baby is the latest 3-D model.

Not 3-D, that means I have to wear those stupid glasses; they make my head hurt.

Not this model sir, it use lenticular lenses. The lenses in this TV are set up in such away that you don't need glasses to see the image in 3-D.

Lenticular \len-TIK-yuh-lar\, adjective;

1 :having the shape of a double-convex lens.
2 :of or relating to a lens
3 :provided with or utilizing lenticules

...and there is your receipt sir. If you will bring you car around to the pick-up area, our stock people will have your TV waiting for you. We do hope you enjoy it. Make sure to tell all your friend about the lenticular lenses. Also if you would be so kind to leave us a little something down below. We would be ever so grateful. Thank you.

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