Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What they say:

“Classic' – a book which people praise and don't read.”
Mark Twain

Those were the word of Mark Twain who lived during the late 19th and early 20th century. A time when the motion picture and radio were just getting off the ground. A time before televisions and computers. Back in a time when the only way to know what was in a book was to sit down and read it.

Today we have all these different avenues in which to spend our entertainment dollar on. And considering how cheap it is to buy a book (heck we even have buildings full of books were they will lend them to you for free), it is a shame that more people do not take advantage of them. There is no better value that you can get for your entertainment dollar then purchasing a book.

Not only are some of us not buying books, but we are going to movies that are based on the books we are not reading. Or even worse ,watching television programs based on the books. These are poor substitute for having actually read the book. But for those people who have not read the books they do not know this. They believe that in just a few hours they can ingest an entire book that takes several days to read.

Now there is nothing wrong with watching the movie or television adaption of a novel. They allow you to enjoy the story through different sensory perceptions. There are even some very fine adaptations out there. But a tv show or a movie can only fail in comparison with the book. Because of the technology (even with computer animation) the purely visual medium of television and film are limited in what they can do. But with a book anything is possible; the imagination knows no bounds.

Not only is tv and the movies limited on what they can show on the screen. They are also limited in how much of the book they bring to you. This is not because there are dull moments in the books. No this because a film maker does not have the luxury of time. Their audience is not going to show up to watch a movie that is longer than three hours. They have to get butts in the seat by chopping a story up and only offering the choicest bits; so that people are not spending all there day in the theater, The author of the novel on the other hand works in a medium in which people can move in out of very easily. Books allow people to ingest a story at their own pace.

Mark Twain said a classic is book that people have not read but praise. I think in today's world that quote can be expanded from the classic to all books. In this modern age we have so many different ways to consume a story that very few us take the time to actually sit down and read one from a book. We live in an on the go, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week world. Everything just zooms by us; barely allowing us to even get a glimpse of it. Is it any wonder that we don't take the time to get lost inside the world of a book.

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