Thursday, October 4, 2012


There are many times where I can’t write on the bigger project; whatever novel that might be. But I need to write. My fingers want to clink away on the keys of my laptop. My brain refuses to settled down and rest. It instead curls into a ball and creates within something and then releases the ideas. These smaller writings rarely every amount to anything significant or even important. So what does one do with all those random writings?

I mean, does one hold on to all that they write? Keep it bound in a writing notebook called Ideas that have no home? Or does it get tossed?

I tend to keep mine. And I’m glad I do. I found that many of the smaller pieces that I had accumulated fit quite nicely (though sometimes I had to tweak it a little) into my novel that I am currently writing and some others for another book I have in mind.

It’s as if all these smaller pieces are puzzle links that are only waiting to be fitted into the right story.

So I want to propose a challenge to you writers out there…

Take your small snippets that have no real place to go and put them on index cards. And then once you are done…group them into three piles. Three book ideas that you’ve not even imagined yet. And then see what you come up with.

I’d love to hear about some of the results!

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  1. I am saving all of my random writings for a collection someday of short stories & other writings.