Saturday, October 6, 2012

We ALL Have Something To SAY

“Have something to say and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret of style.” Matthew Arnold
By: Michala T
I’ve spent the last few days, maybe weeks, buggin’ over the idea I’ve nothing important to say. Indeed my inner critic heavily impresses my thoughts and feelings. My emotions are all out of whack. This is not something I share with the world so easily. It’s embarrassing to be truthful. I am human however; I come with a shitload of luggage…full of background. Sometimes it is heavy and sometimes I can skip and whistle; my inner child toying around the shadows of life.

So how does one say something clearly when they don’t know exactly what they have to say? I guess the bigger and better question is how does one find the strength and resolve to dig deep inside themselves to pull out what they have to say even when they are fearful to say it; because we all have something to say.  It is a matter of finding what it is that needs to be said. I suppose that is the ‘style’ in us all.
I’m not a rocket scientist. I’m not the reddest strawberry in the bowl. And my sense of humor…for the most part really sucks (in my opinion) however if you spend enough time around me every now and then I’ll say something brilliantly funny and will likely blush over it. I don’t like attention. (I know that is counterproductive thinking since I have a blog!) Sometimes I can be very philosophical although I tend to keep such things to myself. I don’t like to raise attention to myself and so I think I must hold inside myself the conversations that are controversial.  I must confess…I’m one who tend to think too hard before saying something and so by the time I want to say it, the moment has already passed.
I do know I have things to say though. I learned a long, long time ago that writing for me was a very therapeutic survival skill in my world. It helped me to thrive among some very demented mannerisms of those who I lived around. But to coexist in this world don’t we have to find our ‘voice’ and learn how to say what we need to say and how to say it?  It’s a scary thing though. Risky to speak; baring our souls to another. We tend to not do anything BUT coexist…because we don’t really have to say anything to coexist. But to really let another in…that’s when we breach the doors and say  “Okay, you can come in.” We can say that…but we can’t really come out and say “Please tread carefully” because then that says we are weak or hiding something or, well, it just causes people to look at us as…differently.
Writing a blog…where the world (and I do mean the entire world) views us daily we are saying “Come on in”.  But by writing a blog I’m also saying I have something to say. And therefore you are probably waiting to hear what I have to say.
 I don’t want to fail you, or myself, and so I worry that I must come up with important things to say. Many of the important things that I want to say often are hidden behind images, poems, ect kind of like that horrible college professor who made you read a poem and then ask you what that author really meant when they said whatever it is that they said. I will try my best offer you my STYLE and to say it clearly. But please tread carefully. :)

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  1. I agree, your sense of humor sucks but you inner child does like to let some slip every now and then and you do turn a lovely shade of pink.