Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top 10 Things to Do for Fall

by Julie Keith

Fall.  Yes that’s right it’s that time of year again when people start setting their pumpkins out and raking up the falling leaves.  There is a chill in the air and you have to grab that jacket or put on that sweater.  If you live in the Midwest, as I do, when you walk outside you feel the cool breeze and see the beauty of reds, oranges and yellows dotting the trees. The leaves have turned and Halloween decorations fill the neighborhood.  Costumes line the windows of shops along the streets. 

Changing Leaves
Harvest celebrations have begun, chili cook-offs ensue, and the smell of burning leaves somewhere in the distance fills the air.  Personally I love the smell of someone burning leaves, it reminds me of my childhood and playing outside in the coolness of the fall air.  I also love the rows and rows of candy lining supermarket shelves and sitting out in the aisles.  Reminds me of that one special night where after a long few hours of trekking through the streets, going door to door wearing makeup and a well thought out costume – I got to enjoy the fruits of my efforts.  Well, no fruit was involved unless it was covered in caramel, but I would dine on candy until bedtime.

Walking outside these days, wearing one of my hooded sweatshirts and a nice comfortable pair of jeans, I am reminded of younger days.  As the sun starts to set on Friday afternoons I am taken back to football games, sitting on those metal bleachers and being a part of the crowd of people cheering on the home team.  Afterwards, there was usually a dance where I would go and dutifully hold up a wall for most of the night.

Well anyway, enough reminiscing, in light of this time of year, here is my top ten list of things to do in the fall:

1. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves, take a deep breath and enjoy the cool crisp air

2. Throw a Halloween party or go to a Harvest celebration

3. Go to a high school football game, your alma mater if you still live there, root for the home team

4. Rake some leaves and enjoy jumping onto the pile afterwards just for the fun of it

5. Put on a comfortable sweater or sweatshirt and pair of jeans and enjoy wearing comfortable clothes

Carve a Pumpkin
6. Carve a pumpkin

7. Make some chili 

8. Eat some pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake or drink some pumpkin spice tea

9. Spend time talking with old friends, remember the good times

10. Go trick or treating with your kids or a friend/sibling and their kids, wear a costume, lighten up and have a laugh

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