Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's Top Eleven Costume List

by JccKeith

Zombies Win!
Well here it is, for the file of information in your head, my top list of Halloween costumes.  These are not necessarily my choices for costumes but the results of a poll of 333 people.

Granted, some of the 333 people never saw the question because they have most likely blocked my posts from their newsfeed due to whatever reason.  I don't know, perhaps my silliness offended them in some way, perhaps they are violently opposed to top ten lists or maybe disapprove of the sometimes useless facts I have a tendency to post.

Whatever their reason, they were unable to participate in this life changing quest to find the most preferred Halloween costumes.  So, no more wait, here they are, the most popular costumes, in order of most votes (except number 11) followed by the order in which they were volunteered as answers:

1.  Zombie (.006 %)

2.  Vampire (.006%)

3.  4th Doctor Who (.003%)

4.  Princess Leia Slave Outfit (.003%)

5.  Witch (with green face and all) (.003%)

6.  Dark Helmet (from Spaceballs) (.003%)

7.  Werewolf (.003%)

8.  Sonic (.003%)

9.  Princess (.003%)

10. Edward Scissorhands (.003%)

11. I choose not to answer because I either do not care, do not celebrate Halloween, am a joyless old miser, refuse to answer any questions ever, prefer to lurk about on facebook only reading posts but never commenting, I did not feel my vote would matter, I am from the Bizarro universe where we dress normally on Halloween as opposed to our everyday costumes or all of the above. (roughly 97%)

For those of you keeping track, you may have noticed the percentages do not add up to 100% of the votes. Well, no they don't and why you might ask?  There are several reasons - number one of which is that math was never my strongest subject.  The second reason is because only 10 people voted.  The third is that some of the 10 voted twice.  A fourth could be that things don't always add up in life and percentages in this vote are just another illustration of that fact.

I hope this list amused you in some small way although I highly doubt it added any unknown options to your choices of costumes for Halloween this year.  But whatever you choose to be, have fun and stay safe.

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