Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grease Your Elbows & Crack Your Knuckles

Are You Ready?  As the clock ticks closer to November 1st, there are many of us who are going to be hunkering down and readying ourselves for that ultimate 30 day battle of writing a 50Kword novel. Hundreds of thousands of people will participate in this Novembers NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month) I’m surprised even today that there are people who have never heard of this endeavor. Have I ever done it successfully? Nope. Have I tried? Half-heartedly. This year however I am going into it with more experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past few years and I have equipped myself for this year’s intense November.
Some consider it insane. I mean what sane person would ever decide willingly to go into a project with a 30 day time frame where you are not allowed to write on the story except for the basic plotting and character ideas until November 1st? To continue for thirty days with minimal plotting, no room for editing, and basically hours and hours of feverish writing. Frantic writing. Oh and it does get frantic because there will be a day or two where you will get zero words and then you have all those words compounded onto the ones you already are expected to write…its nerve-racking!
What is the point of such insanity? Well, it certainly isn’t to come out with a pristine novel; agent/publisher ready. It’s all about overcoming the fear of devoting an entire six months, or year, or two years, or whatever to a book project. You get an idea and you write it. Let it suck. It’s just the first draft. It’s allowed to suck really bad! Nobody ever has to see it!
There are a lot of negative reviews against NaNoWriMo. I believe I understand what their viewpoints. For the most part it is what results from the thirty days that has the negative views. Agents and publishers alike are cringing because no matter how many times the people of NNWM tell people that what results from the thirty days is NOT the finished book, people still send it off expecting miracles to occur. It hurts the indi-publishers too! There are a million and one more books AFTER November on Amazon that is not of quality.
However, I still intend on taking part in this year’s NNWM. The difference with me and many others, hopefully not too many, is that I’m not going to send it out to anybody and everybody begging them to pick up my book without having done any editing and proofreading to it.
So am I ready? I can say that I am more ready than I’ve ever been before. I’ve got a story plot that I am comfortable with. I have an outline for my chapters that will help as a guide advancing me in the right direction. More importantly I have a current novel that I am in the process of writing that has given me the boost of confidence that I sorely lacked all the previous times I tried NNWM. Does that mean I’ll succeed? Heck no. There’s any number of things that can prevent me from passing that finish line of 50K words. Does that mean I won’t even try? Nope. Am I Ready? You betcha!


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