Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Tortoise and the Hare By: Aesop

By: WillseyeREview 
Today my friend I plan on tackling one of the great fables of all time. Aesop's The Tortoise and the Hare. We all know the tale, we have heard and seen many adaptation of this famous morality tale. While I had grown up having heard different version of this story, even the great Merrie Melodies version where the turtle out whits Bugs Bunny. I have never read it myself. I figured it was about time to do that, and what better reason than to review it. 

So the story starts off with the hare bragging that he is the fasted thing around. Not only content in being the fastest, the hare is constantly teasing the tortoise for being slow. Evidently this gets under the tortoise's shell and he tells the hare that even he, as fast as he is, can be beat. This causes the hare to laugh. There was no way that the slow moving tortoise could beat him. Matter-of-fact the hare didn't think there was anybody who could beat him. 

Being amused by the tortoise assertion that anyone could beat him, he challenges the tortoise to a race. Irritated by the hare's bragging the tortoise accepts the challenge. 

They agree upon a course and the next they set out to race. 

The race began and the tortoise took off trudging away from the starting line. The hare, yawning, noticed how slowly the tortoise was moving went off to take a nap. A little while later the hare woke up and noticed the tortoise had only managed to make it a short distance down the course. Deciding he had plenty of time the hare ate breakfast. Soon the hare had a full belly and that combined with heat from the sun caused him to fall back asleep. As the sun began to set the tortoise was about a yard from the finish line. At this point the hare wakes up and notices that it  is time for him to get moving. He takes off at full speed. *"He leapt and bounded at a great rate, his tongue lolling, and gasping for breath. Just a little more and he’d be first at the finish. But the hare’s last leap was just too late, for the tortoise had beaten him to the winning post. Poor hare! Tired and in disgrace, he slumped down beside the tortoise who was silently smiling at him." 

The tortoise than says, “Slowly does it every time!” 

This fable is often viewed as a Cinderella story. A tale about how the underdog took on the favorite and despite all the odds being staked against him. Somehow he finds a way to win in the end. But in actuality that is not the case. It is a story of how the favorites hubris got his way. How he lets his ego get the better of him. Instead of taking his opponent seriously he forgets to do all the hard work that is necessary to secure victory for himself. His over confidence in his abilities and his contempt for those of his rival takes him down. He ends up giving away victory he should have otherwise earned. 

In the end I believe that this is a valuable lesson for all of use to learn. We should give 100% to everything we do. Because once we fail to do this, sure we might get away with it once or twice, someone will snatch the victory away that should have been ours. 

My Score 8.5 

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