Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Photo: Zebras and Motorcycles

Not Today Pal!

By JccKeith [I did not take this picture or photoshop it, someone else did]

Being the wife of someone who owns and rides a motorcycle, let me offer some words of wisdom:

  • That Zebra should really be wearing a helmet.

  • Riding with a fellow motorcyclist increases the odds you won't be overlooked by other drivers on the road - the entire pack of Zebras should purchase motorcycles.

  • Using your motorcycle to outrun predators is not the greatest idea - that Zebra could get careless and it only takes one little mistake to cause an accident on a bike.

  • Popping a wheelie on a motorcycle is only for show-offs and is dangerous

  • I doubt this Zebra has a license to drive a motorcycle.  Driving without a license is illegal and very dangerous.

And last but not least I want to restate the warning to all motorists - Please, please be aware of everyone sharing the road, or grassy plain in this instance.  As the saying goes: 

  • Be aware, motorcycles are everywhere!

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