Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Suffering Needlessly

Lessons From a Cracked Rear View Mirror 

By: Michala T.
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Maya Angelou
This quote is so so true. When you hold a story inside, it aches terribly. It is a painful suffering when one cannot bring their story out to the surface.
Writers know how very honest that quote is. But it is not just about wanting to write a story really bad. It is a burning within that continues long into one’s life and can take on a bitter acidic taste in the mouth, throat, and stomach if it is not pulled out and put down on paper.

I have read many nonfiction and even fiction books about abuse of various kinds. These books are good example of how such anguish can exist inside people until they are able to tell someone, anyone of their struggles through their experiences with abuse. For a long time such topics, even in abuse cases were considered taboo. But today you can go into any book store and find shelves full of stories of people’s struggles with life.
When we are able to write our stories, we are able to release that pent up fear, shock, guilt, blame, sadness, and anger. We get to display to the world in our own way what we went through. These stories sometimes don’t get read by many. Others are like house hold names such as the A Boy Called It exist and we know that such things happen. 

Writing has the power to heal. And anyone can use writing as a way to get through their own pain and suffering. Whether it is writing poetry to release secrets, or short stories to get through difficult dilemma as a teenager or whether it is writing that novel which you have always dreamed about writing and only getting around to it when you are in your late 30’s. Writing can heal.
There are those who say there is a wrong way to write and a right way. I don’t think that you can go very wrong if you are expressing yourself through any writing. Reaching out, even if it is only writing a story is still a part of the healing process. What is so wonderful about finally releasing that story from within is that you are now in the process of changing and saving lives. Imagine if you shared about something awful that happened to you to someone else who was suffering something similar. Now imagine that this person was going to go home and kill themselves because of how alone they felt but after reading your story they realized that they were not alone. Someone else indeed suffered the same thing and they survived to write about it. The process of writing your story just saved a life.

I can guarantee you that this thing is happening all over the world. So write that story. Get it out. An untold story goes nowhere but a story told unfolds across the universe; into the hands and hearts of many. Go write that story!

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