Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This Is Our 100th Post! I Considered Doing Something Sensational, Or Unique, Or Whatever But Then I Thought About What This Blog Site Is All About. And If I Could Sum It Up In One Word It Would Be RISKY. Writing Is All About Taking Risks. It Is About Opening Yourself Up To Critiques, Meanness, Bullying, And So Much More. Writing Is RISKY. Writing Is Like Holding Out Your Hands And Saying Can I Have Some More? The Only Problem Is You Never Know What MORE Is Coming. Is It More Success? More Evaluations? More People Laughing At You? More People Kicking You While You Are Down? Or Is It More Joyful Singing And Praising Coming Your Way?

Writing Is All About Ideas. And Having Ideas Can Be Risky Because Ideas Bring Change And There Are Many People Who Dislike Change.

Writing Is All About Challenging Oneself. Without The Challenge There Is Nothing Remarkable About Writing. But Challenging Oneself Is Risky Because With Challenge Comes The Word Failure. Nobody Likes Failure.

This Blog Site Was Risky. It Continues To Be Risky Everyday. But Without The Word RISKY There Can Be No True Success. Or At Least Not The Kind Of Success That Makes Butterflies Crowd Your Stomach, Nausea Rise Up Your Throat Because Of The Fear That No One Wants To Read What You Wrote Only To Find That There Were Over 50 Views In Less Than Two Hours. That Kind Of Success Makes The Risk So Very Worth It.

So We Here At Bite My Book Continue The Risk. We Continue To Write. We Continue To Bring Our Imagination And Ideas Out For Public Display. We Continue To Challenge Ourselves. We Continue To HOPE Even In The Midst Of All The RISKS That We Endure.

We Hope You Continue To Journey With Us.

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