Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Now You Have a Friend in the Diamond Business: My Top 5 Annoying Companies

By JccKeith

“Now you have a friend in the diamond business.” 

Anyone who knows this phrase knows the company it belongs to – that’s right, Shane Company. If I hear that line one more time I might just go crazy.  What is it with these companies today and their overkill with the advertising?  Can’t they come up with at least something interesting or new every once in a while?  I hate the Shane Co advertisements so much that I change the station whenever they come on.  I’m just that sick of hearing them. 

On my way to drop my kids off at school this morning I heard another one of my least favorites.  It was that woman from the radio station trying to convince people to go to Loving Laser because she went there and now has no unwanted hair problems.  Personally, I don’t care about her unwanted hair problems nor do I care where she found a solution.

So, no more complaining about the endless repetitive advertising drivel we are all forced to hear on the radio or see on billboards along the highways.  I’m going to do something about it.  Something important. Something groundbreaking. Stand back everyone! I’m making a top five list. 

Without further ado, my top five list of most annoying companies:

1.      Shane Co

2.      Genesis Diamonds

3.      Loving Laser

4.      Norton

5.      Clark Memorial

Now the last two are hospitals and normally would be exempt from such a list but their billboard advertisements are a little unnecessary.  I mean, who chooses a hospital based on their advertisements?  And do we really need so many billboards?

Someone should give companies such as these the message that more is not better.  More just makes people like me annoyed and likely to never use their store or product or whatever type of business.  Although, in the instance of an unforeseeable accident, I will go with whichever hospital the ambulance driver chooses.

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