Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Rant 4 the Week: I'm Being Dissed By the Music Industry

by Michala T.

Boy bands! I bet today you are shaking your head and plugging your ears at just the thought of them. And if you are a mother of a preteen or teenager girl you are probably stuck with seeing them on their walls, on their IPhones, hearing them on the radio every time you turn around. I know...we are plum sick of hearing them. But there was a time you had a favorite boy band. Oh yes. Don’t shake your head at me. You’ve just forgotten. You’ve aged. You’ve put those things in the past. But there have been some pretty decent boy bands.
Of course, I won’t go all the way back to the beginning of history. I don’t have the time or space for that. But let’s look at the boy bands in of our pasts.
(Doing the Wayne’s World Flashback hand-jive with the crazy noise)

In the 60’s we had the Jackson 5 which established the harmonies combined soul music. They added catchy pop sounds to it and got all the teeny bopper’s feet movin’ and a groovin’.  The Beatles and the Monkees set the precedent for marketing to the all the world.  Merchandising and novelty goods soon became a household name. It wasn’t just the music you could own, but now a part of them as well. Dolls, lunch boxes, posters, and so much more. And sex appeal was stirring. Can you smell it in the air? I must confess I was crazy over Davy Jones and could totally relate to Marsha on the Brady Bunch when she was bedazzled over him. I would have died to have been her when I saw that show. I watched The Monkees broadcast religiously for a time there as well.
In the 70’s and 80’s there was Menudo (hello Ricky Martin!) which I only really saw a few times on the television but wasn’t all crazy for them. New Edition didn’t do it for me either. But oh, oh my God…I was hooked the moment New Kids on the Block came out. I think I still have their old button pins still somewhere. LOL  I was all over Jonathan Knight, he was my pick of the litter. I mean, don’t get me wrong they were all cute but Jonathan’s eyes were dreamy.  NKOTB won two American Music Awards in 1990. Their known for their songs, “Hangin’ Tough”, “Step by Step”, and “Please Don’t Go Girl” which was really cute because Joey was so young. Their fame was short lived in the grand scale of things. Until they came back and did a reunion with the Back Street Boys in 2008 and they seem to be still doing their music thing for the most part. Do I listen to it? Naw. I did like their newer released song “Summertime” though.

The 1990’s saw what I believe to be one of the best boy bands ever. Boyz II Men sold over 60 million albums in their day. In 1992 they came out with their #1 hit “End of the Road” and stayed on the top for 13 weeks! They even broke Elvis Presley’s record.  Not to be a one hit wonder they came out with “I’ll Make Love to You” and “One Sweet Day” with Mariah Carey (which to this day still holds the record with 16 weeks at the top of the top 100). WOW! I don’t know about you but I probably could find their album Cooleyhighharmoney somewhere in my storage if I had the time to clean it out! That boy band rocked…and still continues to in my book!

During the mid ‘90’s All-4-One came around. I must admit I had to remind myself who this band was for a minute even though their top song “I Swear” was like my ultimate favorite song in 1994. I suppose that sums up my thoughts on that band. Ha!

I remember the late 90’s quite well. I was graduating high school and Hanson was singing their MmmBop song that everybody loves to hate these days. 98 degrees sang their song “I do (Cherish You)”. Again, this is a band I had to look up to remember. I liked a song here and there but I wasn’t a loyal listener.  LFO sang “Summer Girls” and I’ll confess ‘til my dying day that that song will forever be on any listening device in I own. Loved it! Anything else…naw. Now the very late 90’s I had just met my soon to be husband so I was all mushy gushy in love around then so it was perfect timing that The Backstreet Boys and NSync came out. Both bands rocked the charts and had a pretty loyal adult audience for a while. For some reason, most of their music…I just can’t stand to listen to. I don’t know why. I don’t mind “Shape of My Heart” by The Backstreet Boys and “God Must HaveSpent…” by NSync but the others just seem to irritate me.


Here is where things turn yuck…at least in my POV. I kinda feel like we went backwards in time…we moves all the way back to the teeny bopper stage. I guess the music industry decided that women my age don’t deserve boy bands. Which really sucks.  It’s like Nickalodean and Disney Channel has taken over my radio! Why not though, they took over my life...since I have kids. Sigh...Jonas Brothers' big song "Burnin' Up'" isn't event close to being good.  Their song, "SOS" wasn't any better in my book. Big Time Rush was like trying to do the Monkees all over again I think. They have their own tv show and sing. The teeny boppers love 'em. Forgive me for not ever bothering to look up a song/link for them. My oldest is crazy for and I'll admit One Direction has a pretty decent song with "What Makes You Beautiful". Maybe they caught my ear because their song starts our like a song similar to one on Grease which is a favorite of mine. They're song "Live While We're Young" lost me with both the music and the lyrics. Um...telling my daughter "let's get some and live while we're young, we're about to make some memories tonight" and such. HELL NO!!! I could do an entire rant on that song alone so they lost me completely after that song.
There's no good boybands out there right now. We're left with recycled boybands...and while I fully support their endeavors to come out and play their old songs...I want fresh new songs. I'm not asking for all the 30 plus men to quit their day jobs and come out sing just for me. But I am asking the music industry to give those who are trying to break in to the industry and have the talent an opportunity. There is an entire population of +18 out there who listen to the radio!
I’m bumming. I’m bumming hard. I don’t even turn on my radio 70% of the time anymore. I pop a cd in or listen to an audio book. Come on music industry…where is the love?

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  1. Pffftttt.... As a Backstreet Boy fan I've been lucky that they are still going strong making music and touring. Next year will be their 20th anniversary and they will be touring in support of their eighth studio album due out this spring.