Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Job Hunting Hurts... Resumes Help

Part 2 of How to Get A Job You Want Series
by Michala T.

If you haven't completed part one...please stop here! Go back to Start! Do not pass Go!

Now that you have your list of ten places you want to work its time to get your resume going.
Do not use personal pronouns. Don’t say, “I worked the switchboards.” Be Specific and quick. “Switchboard Operator.” Do not use numbers or pictures on your resume. Always nclude your email and phone information but don’t bother with your address. Do you think they are going to mail you something? They just need to be able to get in touch with you.

If your Education and Experience is more than one page long using 12 inch font in Arial or Times you have too much information. Take out all the words ‘and’, ‘or’ ‘the’ and useless words.  You don’t have to list every single part time job you ever held in your entire life. You just want to stress your skills and experience.
Now you need to decide whether to put your Education first or your Experience First. If you have a steady history of experience that shows skills then FLAUNT IT BABY! Let your skills shine.  If your work history is a little shabby but you have a college degree or two under your belt, definitely post your BRAINS before BEAUTY.

What happens if you’ve lived a hard knocks life or you’ve been dealt a shitty hand? Don’t sweat it. You can still make your resume shine. It takes a little more work though. You are going to have to find a great place to volunteer at. The day you land a volunteer gig, start writing on your resume your volunteer duties. Just because you don’t get paid to do it doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. Sometimes it may count more!
Do not include references in your resume. This will be requested during round two (or round three).

Look at each company and determine what skills you have they would like to see most. If you have more skills based on EXPERIENCE then put your work history first. If you have more skills based on your EDUCATION then list your academic history first.
Go over your resume with a fine tooth comb. Check for spelling errors. Have a friend or two look over it for you too. Sometimes they will catch something you have missed. Look for boring words and replace them with ACTION words that say what you have accomplished or what you plan to accomplish.

Remeber that your resume should not be more than one page long!

Come back tomorrow and we will discuss how to create your cover letter!

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