Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don’t peddle alone!

Lessons from a Cracked Rear View Mirror by Michala T.
We allow our ignorance to prevail upon us and make us think we can survive alone, alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in races, even alone in genders.
Maya Angelou

I had a particular long and lonely night recently. It was one of those nights where my ability to be creative in a productive manner was nonexistent but my mind was in full hyper overdrive in all ways that it really shouldn’t have been. And although I was not technically alone, I felt more alone than I had in a long time.
Writing is a very lonely business. Even writing with a partner, which I am blessed to have that opportunity, writing is still for the most part a lonely process. When I am in a whirlwind of industrious writing, crafting that awesomeness that we all wish could be done every single time we pick up the pencil or open the laptop…I am alone in my thoughts. It is a trifling activity to try and tell others what I am experiencing. I can try my best but for the most part…it’s mine and mine alone. And once again, there is that word: alone.

We strive to find and keep our space. Don’t move into my space. Don’t cross that line. I think of Baby in Dirty Dancing…showing “my space, your space.” And so often we are in that mindset and then we wonder why we are constantly alone.  Writing may prove to be a lonely activity but it’s well worth it when you have a polished piece that you want to share with the world. But if you keep everybody out through the down times, where will they be during the up times?
My point in all of this is that even during your writing times try to remember the people around you. They care about you. They want to see you succeed. But they need a bit more of you than you really care to share (especially if you have a chapter in mind that you just gotta put down on paper!) If you are a late writer…and your lover wants to snuggle. Give them twenty minutes of your ‘time’. They don’t have to know that your mind is actually on the writing. Use that time to solidify your ideas or your outline. Yeah…it’s cheating kinda, maybe, but in the world of writing…you take what you can get. LOL Give your child those 25 minutes of reading. Yeah, there is truly no way to think when you are around a child (especially those that speak really loud or with a high pitched voice-ugh! But they are the ones who will later praise your success. So take the time you really don’t want to give and spend it with people!At least some of the time. In 3D. Real life.
Imagine this. You are riding your bike up a hill. A very tall hill. And you are struggling, pushing, forcing yourself to get to the top. (That is what writing is for the most part…a long hard push up hill.)
Finally you make it to the top of the hill. And you know what comes after the long hard climb up. The fun fast ride down. You get over that hill and are  looking forward to enjoying the thrill of the ride going down the hill, with the wind chasing your hair and your feet free from the pedal bars…you don’t want to be alone do you? Hell no! But if you don’t let anybody travel with you up the hill…you’re riding down solo.

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