Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Does This Resume Make Me Look Fat?

Part One of How To Get A Job
You Want Series
by Michala T.

People seem to be confused on what the purpose of a resume is. Let me explain this for you. A resume is NORMALLY not going to land you that job. A resume is how you score an interview. (It is how you present yourself and the answers you produce during the interview that ultimate gets you the job!)
The person hiring has no clue who the person behind the resume is. They don't know what you look like, what quirky habits you have, or how many animals you own. That is why the resume is such a vital source of information. You get to tell them what makes you so important for their company. Oh, I know...I said the dirty word. Resume! It's a scary piece of paper for most of us because we just don't know how to write one.

There are a million and one ways you can write a resume. It’s baffling trying to decide which font to use, do you write you address on there, your email, how far back in your history do you go? The questions go on and on for miles. And then there is the type of employment you are going into. There is obviously a unique resume for each career, right? A nurse would use this template, a secretary that template, a dog groomer this, an entrepreneur that…
Don’t make things more difficult than they have to be!
When you are creating a resume you want it to be BRIEF and INFORMATIVE. It should SUMMARIZE your abilities, your education, and your experience. Any template will work. Tailor your resume to the type of job position you are hoping to find by using the right words…not trying to find the perfect resume template.
The hope-filled looking-for-a-job candidate cannot go to the closest UPS or Library and print off 500 resumes and then walk down the shops along the strip dropping them off at every single store. That is not how one goes about getting a job. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Oh, you may find a job after months and months of doing this but by then I bet your bills will have piled up and your cell phone will have been shut off. Now how will those people contact you?
And today’s local newspaper employment sections have dwindled down to nearly nothing. Most people these days turn to Craigslist for their job hunting. That can be dangerous, time consuming, and sometimes just a waste of time completely due to all the junk and span ads that is building up on there. So what is one to do? How do we find jobs?
To get a job, we first have to get the interview. But to do that we have to first write the resume that is going to score us that interview. But before that…we have to get into the right mindset. Ugh….so much thinking and doing! I know. I know. And it’s only the beginning!
First things first. Today, I want you to pull out a piece of paper and make a list of ten companies you would like to work for. You can dream big. If you want to move, look at companies where you would like to live. But know that you are going to have to deal with the logistics of living arrangements and all that as well. (That’s all on you…another subject entirely!) You can think locally. But you need ten companies that you want to work for.
Come back tomorrow when you have your list of ten! 

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