Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little More and A Lot Less

By: Michala T.
I’ve not written on the novel in a few weeks. That saddens me greatly. I haven’t however stopped from writing entirely. I spend every morning in ‘loose penmanship’ where I write about 600 to 800 words of a story…ongoing. I do so knowing that I will not be judged by the quality of the work. If I misspell something that I don’t quite catch nobody is going to look at it and think “Geez….that
person can’t spell for shit!” No. I write this story in my quiet moments just to keep myself ‘oiled’ or ‘greased up’ or whatever you wanna call it. It’s pretty neat; what one will write whenever they are not worried about the criticisms.

I started it on the 1st of October because I wanted to create a writing routine. But whenever I have tried to promise myself that I was going to write…It was always for something grand. I wanted to write 3000 words a day or get an entire chapter on paper every afternoon. Nothing seemed to amount to anything long lasting. And I wonder if it was because I was working on something that would one day be judged by the public?

So this time I am writing for myself. I am writing something everyday. No matter what; before I lay my head down to sleep I am going to add something to my small, private story. And whether it sucks or not…it doesn’t matter because its only for my eyes. J

As for TROS, I am so close to the end and I must say it is kind of scary. A friend asked me if that’s what prevented me from working on it and I said no. However after thinking about it, that has to be a part of what I am feeling. So close to being done..leads me to new worries. Worries such as will it ever be picked up and read? Will it ever be published? Will anyone even like it? These things…and others lead me to stall on my story. Ugh!!!!

With a new work schedule that allows for me to write three solid hours every day…I should be able to get the chapters written. No excuses allowed right? So with a great big deep sigh, I admit to myself and to my friend, and to the world that I am scared to death of finishing and seeing what will come of it.

Now having said that, at just this moment, a thought occurred to me. I have always only wanted to write because it is a passion of mine. I shouldn’t allow the fears to overcome/overpower my passion for writing.

Tarra and Sumitra MUST meet the Original Mother of Licacine…and they MUST do so now, soon, today, tomorrow…but they MUST. And so I must write it. No fears are greater than my passions. I’ll just not let that be!!!!

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