Friday, October 26, 2012

Bring out the free verse!

Written by: Michala T.

She hides from ruby snow

staining the mattress below her

Denies it so it will not drain her mind

of the innocence she clings to.

The scenery has changed forever

Indentions fade, the scars remain.


She swims within the crystal stream

It hides those probing eyes.

Drapes a towel to become


Refuses to remember-rejects to accept

But the footprints speak the truth


She flees over the amethyst grass

Through the cutting blades

She twists through the memories

Conforming, adapts to the faรงade

The parasites have attached

Themselves; though now she is numb.


She holds an onyx dream. She

doesn’t care it’s the devil’s dare.

She effortlessly feeds the monster

That has imprisoned her.

Glides towards the temptations;

They’re easier to come by.


She’s bound to her pearl bones

covered by an ethereal surface.

Her detached hazel eyes never lifting.

Her frail hands reach for her pencil.

Finds a weak smile, a quiet laugh…

And then she breaks free.






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