Friday, October 5, 2012

Blog Review: Wil Wheaton Dot Net

By: William G. Muir
Calm down, calm down clam down. Keep it together William G. Muir. Just stay calm. There is no reason to  geek out. Just because you are about to review the blog of one of the stars from Star Trek The Next Generation is no reason to geek out. Just keep calm.

OMG, I am reviewing Wil Wheaton's blog! This is something I never even dreamed of. I thought when I saw KISS on the 1996 reunion tour I had lived my life's dream. But I was wrong, this is a much bigger deal. This is Wil Wheaton. Not only do we share the name William in common. (I know it seems like a trivial thing, but I will take any connection I can get.) He was on my favorite show of the 1990's. Every Saturday after mowing grass all day I would come in, get my supper, sit in the living room with my father and we would both watch Star Trek:TNG.

The one character I always connected with was Wheaton's character Wesley Crusher. I was around the same age of Wesley Crusher (Wheaton is about three years older than I) and to have him as important part of the crew of the Enterprise somehow made me feel like I was important as well. Until I got my driver's license I use to sit behind the wheel of the parked family car and pretend I was driving. I could imagine that before Wesley was allowed to pilot the Enterprise he would sit at the control's of the families shuttle craft and pretend he was flying it.

Wesley was an equal among the adults who were many years his elders. As a teenager you pretty much were use to adult not paying attention to you. Whenever your dad would try figure out how to program the VCR (yes back in the '90's we stored video on tape) you just wanted take the remote from him and show him how it was done. But anytime you would try to make a suggestion your father would always say he knew what he was doing. But with Wesley it was different. He was a boy genius and everyone on the Enterprise would listen to what he had to say.

Ok that is enough fan boy admiration. It is not like Wil Wheaton is actually going to stumble upon this post. But OMG that would be so cool. 

Let's look at his blog.

This is like the most awesome blog that I have ever read. It is even better than the Anglophenia blog that I reviewed last week. Anglophenia may have all things Doctor Who over there, but this is Wil Wheaton personal blog. Not even my current favorite show beat out the guy I identified with while growing up. Wil Wheaton Dot Net just blows me away.

The thing that Anglophenia lacked was a personal touch. It's basically someone blogging about topics from an outsiders perspective. Not so at Wil Wheaton Dot Net, the words you read there come from the man himself. I actually feel like I am having a conversation with Wil himself. Albeit he is the one doing all the talking and he has no clue who I am. I still feel a connection to him that I have not felt with any of the sites I have reviewed so far.

By reading Wil's own words you get to know the things that he cares about. You get to delve into his mind and see what it is that he is passionate about. What is it that drives him. You get to look into his very soul and see the kind of man he is. You come to understand the man that is Wil Wheaton.

So who is Wil Wheaton? Why he is a Geek. Nah, he is more that a Geek, he is the King of the Geeks (at least in my eyes he is). He is a man that stars in Sci-Fi shows. He is an author, a podcast and a blogger. He is a man that loves to play games, video and tabletop. And he is a man that attends Comic Book conventions. WHEATON!!!

Not only is he all those things, he also can be found on Twitter @wilw.

Plus he loves animals!

At this point you are probably a little annoyed at my fan boy admiration for one Wil Wheaton and would like to know what it is that you will find when you visit Wil Wheaton Dot Net. (Buzzkill!) There you will find various ways that you can follow Wil, from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Tumblr. There is also links to his webshow Tabletop and his podcast Radio Free Burrito.

If you are a fan of anything that Wil Wheaton has ever done you need to do yourself a favor and head over to Wil Wheaton Dot Net. Not only will you be able to keep up with what Wil is doing now, but you will also get to see the personal side of Wil. Just because we see someone on the television or in the movies we think we know who they are. The truth is that we don't. All we see are the characters they play. But at Wil Wheaton Dot Net you get a glimpse of what lies behind the curtain. We are invited in to see what it is Wil wishes to share with us. We are so fortunate to get this opportunity.

Thank you Wil.

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