Friday, September 7, 2012

The Voices Never Shut Up

Just as I turn down my bed, shut down my laptop, and swallow the rest of my warm chocolate (with marshmallows)  and tell the world goodnight, my chapter peeps its head around the corners of my mind. It smiles it’s mischievous grin and says, “I want to play now. RIGHT NOW!” And thus the voices of the characters start to laugh and dance and sing they merry songs...driving me insane.

And I’m like, “No. You have to go to bed. It’s night time.” I look to the bedroom window. “See. The moon is up and the stars are singing their lullaby.”
Do they shut up? No. The voices start telling me how they did she was kidnapped by a pirate a million years ago and nobody has ever found out and how it's my purpose in life to let someone else know so she can get off the damn boat!

So, here I am, with my laptop open, my lights on, and writing up the chapter outline that didn’t want to behave earlier. I can’t complain. Well, yes, I could. I have to work the next four straight days which means that I will have a number of things on my to-do lists and now I’ve just inserted this massive important thing on that list that will not go away.

It will tinker in my mind until I am able to sit down and write it, stunting any possibilities of getting anything else done. But I won’t complain. I have my next chapter. That’s better than nothing.

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