Monday, September 24, 2012

The Devil...He Thrives

By: Michala T

Writing a novel sucks sometimes. It’s definitely not ‘fun’.  There are so many elements that the writer must be consciously aware of…all while trying to craft a masterpiece.

The grammar and punctuation are just the basics. I am by no means an English teacher and even with spell check…I’m still suffering at the hands of some perfectionist who is only going to call me out on all my mistakes. And that drives me crazy. I mean I notice when people use the wrong words, or misspelled words. Here instead of hear, there

instead of their, ect. I notice it. I let it bug me for a minute. Then I move on! Come on…jeez. Granted if you are going to display something for other eyes you should check it over two or three times before doing so and I try my best to get all the little things. I can’t help that I miss one or two every now and then.

Writing characters is a pain in the ass. It’s not a process where you decide whether you want a male or female and then give them a name to go with their anatomy. You have to give them an entire life. You are reading my character and she may be 60 yrs old. However for me to write her character I have to know every little detail about her life from birth to 60. And if I don’t find it all out you can bet your sweet ass she is going to scream at me “hey punk…I was in a car wreck at 22 and lost my vision! That’s why I’m blind you nincompoop!”

And you think the scenes just create themselves? Nope. I do. I have to create it all. I’m God to this story. And my arch nemesis believes He is in the details. (Boy I think he’s right!)  If I get one thing wrong…there is hell to pay. From the readers I mean.

If all of that isn’t enough to get your nickers in a pinch…I have to do a second draft, a third draft, and probably a fourth if not more! And that favorite verse we all love to hate…show, don’t tell…it’s not all the time true. Sometimes we do have to tell. And telling is a pain because that means the writing wasn’t right the first million times around.

So why write…because I can’t breathe without writing. I dream and I dream tales. I daydream and I daydream scenes. I think in the middle of the shower and I think up a new character. I read and I read a new ending. I journal and I journal all my failures only to realize they were not failures…but just points and plots for another story where it all fit so much better. But nobody told me that all those points and plots were just waiting for the right story. Nope…I had to figure all that out by myself.

So there…that’s me being random today. Cheers!

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