Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Off With Their Heads!

Make Your Writing Better

By Michala T.
Do you know how many times you use words that hurt your writing? Take a look at a piece of your writing. Are there extreme uses of a particular word. Like "that", "and", "but", and other repetitive words. Take them out. Off with their heads!

What about those descriptions you thought so hard to come up with? Really, do you honestly have to describe them THAT way? Isn't that a bit overdone?

Similes and Metaphors are great characteristics in poetry. Your short story or novel however does not like them. Readers want original descriptions. Yeah, you have to think harder maybe but just tell it like it is. Don't try to compare it all the time.Keep the story moving with action...not description. Too much of that stuff hinders and bores!
Action. We want action in your writing. Don't say, "The boy hit the ball like a girl." Instead write something like, "Eric stood on his toes and lightly stepped forward, hesitating a bit before hitting the ball with a soft clack of the bat." Doesn't that show a little bit better...but give so much more action to the scene?
Spell check only does part of the work for you. You MUST go back and sift through your writing over and over to make certain that it is correct. It sucks that you have read your own piece fourty times but if that is what it takes to get the job done right, do it!
Have fun! If your topic is boring to you...don't you think it will be hard to entertain others with the subject. Your passions hold the key to making the piece excellent. Even if your passion is as boring as cutting keys at Home Depot, you will find a creative flare that brings it to life. Someone out there will feel that same love for the topic, but only if you write it well.

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