Friday, September 7, 2012

Site Review: That Guy With The Glasses

By: William G. Muir
This was suppose to be a review of a blog, but it has been a while since I have viewed any blog. The bloggers I had been following all belonged to a community that I very much connected with. RecentlyI have felt let down by both the bloggers and large section of that community. So since I'm not currently up on any other blogs I would like to review a website that I do check out on a daily basis, That Guy With theGlasses.

That Guy With The Glasses is a site that is dedicated to doing satirical reviews of movies, tv shows, music, comics, video games, anime and other topics. The site is home to many, many reviewers, with the site being broken down into four subdivision. The first group of reviewers comes under the heading Team TGWTG. These are the reviewers that do such reviews as movies, nostalgic tv shows, product reviews, music and the week in news. The second group of reviewers are Blistered Thumbs which is the video game arm of That Guy With The Glasses. The third bunch of reviewers over at TGWTG review anime and animation, they fall under the heading Inked Reality. And finally the site plays host to several podcast which covers many the of the same topics that TGWTG does.

The site was started in 2008 when That Guy With The Glasses Doug “The Nostalgic Critic” Walker had his videos taken down from Youtube because of copyright issuses. Doug's show The Nostalgic Critic took a look at tv shows and movies that Doug had grown up watching during the 1980's and 90's. Doug like most of the critics on TGWTG host several different shows on the site. Among these are the 5 second movie review where movies are edited down so the whole plot of the movie takes place in 5 seconds. Bum Reviews which is a review show hosted by a character Doug created and played on The Nostalgic Critic who does reviews of current movies. These are just two examples of the many shows that Doug stars in.

To be honest I have not viewed all the shows or all the reviewers on TGWTG. The reason being is that I do not have much interest in the subjects that they present. I am not really that into anime. I have liked and watched some anime. I don't hate the genre it's just that I haven't all that many opportunities to view much of it. Outside of Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball Z I couldn't tell you much about the genre. Also I haven't viewed any of the video game shows, at the present moment I do not have time for video games in my life that I wish I did. But if these are things that you enjoy TGWTG has you covered.

Some of the shows that I do enjoy are the above mention The Nostalgic Critic. While I am a few years older than Doug we did grow up at around the same time. So it is good to see Doug's whimsical take on these items from my past. It really brings back the memories. Along side Doug in the reviewing in the nostalgic grove is Lindsay Ellis, The Nostalgia Chick. Lindsay was brought in to look back on shows and movies that mostly appealed to the girls that grown up in the 80's and 90's. Her show has since evolved beyond this scope into a much more all inclusive review show.

Brad Jones host two shows that I enjoy watching, the first is the Cinema Snob. Brad's character, the Snob, is a characiture of the pretentious art critic. He reviews z-grade exploitation and pornography films from the 60's-90's. This show may not be for everybody. The other show of his that I watch is Brad Tries. In this show Brad tries all different kind of food stuffs. Mostly consisting of old discontinue drinks such as Billy Beer, New Coke and Crystal Pepsi; which he has found on the internet. Other food stuffs that he has tried are items that people have sent him from around the world. He also has sampled things that can be found at the Illinois State Fair.

Other reviewers that I have watched are The Blockbuster Buster, a show that reviews bad movies that are put out by big Hollywood Studios. Bad Movie Beat Down which is much like the The Blockbuster Buster but with a British host. Todd in the Shadows, which is show that reviews current top Pop Songs and One Hit Wonders from years since passed. Diamanda Hagan who reviews low budget films much like the ones the Cinema Snob reviews. Diamanda plays a character that reminds me of the host of all those Creature Feature shows, much like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. And probably my current favorite reviewer at the moment Obscurus Lupa, Allison Pregler. Allison reviews Z-grade movies with a quirky sense of humor.

Often times the reviewer will do crossover episodes with other reviewers on the site. This gives you a chance to see a critic you may not have seen before. Also once a year many of the critics get together to do a movie produced by the site as a big yearly anniversary special.

That Guy With The Glasses is a site that I check out several times of day. If I am bored and have nothing better to do the first place I head to on the internet is TGWTG to see if any new review have been posted. Although I have yet to check out the full site I would recommend it to anyone as good way to spend about twenty to thirty minutes. This is a great site with some great reviewers and you should check it out.

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