Friday, September 7, 2012

Scratchin' At The Surface

I know that technically I have been working on my novel in the sense that I am promoting it and reaching out in other ways that in a roundabout way return back to my novel but I am itchin’ to get my next chapter written.

The only problem is I am working on this chapter with one of the hardest characters of my book to write with. She can be so damn picky. I think she is the one who I am most connected with. Maybe that is why it has been such a struggle.

Still, the chapter entails another female character who I have really taken a liking to. So I am trying to use her to aid my advancing with the story. But I don’t know if I am taking the easy road of if this is for the best.

Ever since yesterday though, I have had this chapter right beneath the surface in my thoughts. It wants out, I can feel it. And you know how those itches can be…you gotta scratch. Got scratch good or it just will not go away!

So I’m looking forward to another chapter in the book. Even if I have no idea where its going or how its getting there.

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