Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playing God

“The way we get into these scrapes and get out of them, it's almost as though someone was dreaming up these situations; guiding our destiny” ROBIN

You may not understand this unless you are writer but the characters in the stories I write are alive. They talk to me. They scream as me too. It can seem very much like I am playing God. I create them. I give them personalities, characteristics, passions. I breathe essence into their souls. I AM in fact guiding their destiny.

And sometimes they hate me. They fight against every sentence as I lay out their life-story. They tell me off. They beg me for help. They cry and lie to me.
They are totally alive. And I am God to them. But just as any Christian professes that God gave humans free will, I too give my characters free will. They are able to make their own choices and go where they want to go. They choose to get mixed up with the wrong people, to continue in their bad habits, and to do whatever else they please. I may be God to them but they still make their own decisions.
I am simply the spectator in their life. When I am writing I have to be still and listen to them. I have to let them tell me their hopes, goals, and dreams. Sometimes I don’t get it right. Then I have to chuck entire chapters into the trash and apologize to them and start all over.
Writing a novel is not just dreaming a story up and laying it all out on paper. It is playing God. It is bringing alive what once was not and then allowing them to play the game of life before me. I am along for the ride. It’s a crazy ride. They sometimes choose not to speak to me for days or weeks and then sometimes they don’t shut up; whether its 2am or 2pm.
It is a long road; sometimes longer than I wish. My novel (TROS) has been a year already. Sometimes I sweat over it. Other times I am just grateful to have finally found the right universe in which I created the big boom.

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