Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Passionate Creatures

I saw an image while surfing (the net) that reminded me of those little refrigerator word magnets. You know the ones I’m talking about right? The set of like a hundred words that you placed on your fridge and you could create notes, poems, phrases, ect…

Yeah…those. (Laughing) I can’t remember ever owning a set myself but when I lived in Seattle, I visited of gal-friend of mine who’s roommate was very meticulous about her fridge art. I mean this girl would not go to bed without creating a new ‘masterpiece’ for the next day. I am curious how she went about choosing what to post every day.

I want to suppose that it was very much like how all creative artists choose their next piece. But then I think…sometimes my greatest poems were created while I was drunk on screwdrivers and lying under the coffee table.  So perhaps she did a fly-by-night kind of thing every day? A part of me thinks, “Man that could surely wear the artist out.” Then I remember that as a writer, I’m doing that every day when writing on my own ‘masterpiece’. I truly am sitting at the (wherever I decide to type it out) computer and doing my own fly-by-night kind of writing. EVERY SINGLE TIME WE WRITE WE ARE DOING JUST THAT. So who’s to know whether she was sitting there and just winging it or whether she had toyed around all day just waiting and taking that one thought that ignited into something later that evening and made her new refrigerator poem.
We are Passionate Creatures. It is not hard to see how one can create something at a moment’s call.  It’s amazing how we can do such artistic expressions. It’s beautiful and at the same time humbling. It makes me feel so blessed that I’ve been gifted with the ability to share my passion of writing, the desires of my soul, the hungers my appetite so pleasingly delights in with others.

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