Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Little Corner of the Intertubes: Timing

By William G. Muir
What role does timing play in that which we write. Does holding off a day or two offer us ideas that we would not have thought of only days before. Or would we have written the exact same thing no matter what day it was. How much of what is going on around us while we are banging away at the keyboard influences what we have to say.

Is timing everything?

I do know that there are ideas that I have gotten when Michala and I are involved in a brainstorming session. When we are just tossing ideas off of each other, using one another for sounding boards for what we are thinking. I know at those times I have gotten ideas I would never have come up with on my own. This is because we offer a different set of eyes to see the story through. It is a whole different perspective from which we view our little world through.

But even in those session would either of us have come up with the ideas that we suggested at that time. Could one of us have been affected by the most recent episode of Doctor Who that we had just watched? Could a movie have moved us in a different direct? Was there something in a book that made us think? Could it be something that we had witnessed made us think I could that better? Or have given us an idea for a new twist on an old trick.

Is it monkey see monkey do?

As I am writing this I am taking a break from revising a chapter I have sitting on for a couple weeks. Back then I did not really see a need for any changes, but Michala asked me to double check. So after having let this chapter, and another, sit quietly out of mind I am finally getting to them. In the last chapter I knew I had one thing to add and that was a description of an object both of us had discussed weeks ago. But the thing that surprised me, after a second viewing I did see things I could add. Most were small things, but others were not.

So how much of what we get down on paper has to do with when we set out to write it. Will the next chapter that I sit down to write be any different because I write it sometime this week instead of last week? Will the revising that I am doing be any different because I just now got around to it? Will we ever know the answer to this question? Does it even matter?

In the end it's only the story that really matters. 

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