Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's Take This Up A Notch!

This week, realizing that I was finally reading and writing for important reasons and not just for self-gratification, but for real…for others, I decided I had to take it up a notch. Now I’m not saying when I write stuff for my blog that I am not putting my best effort in. I am. However, now I am not just toying around with my thoughts but with a book review I am literally trying to get to you the most important elements of that book and how they affected me. I am telling you just why you should turn your car around right now, skip out on whatever present involvement life has forced upon you, and go buy a book. Okay, maybe not that extreme but you get my point.

What does it mean for me to take it up a notch? Hell…I have no clue. I just knew that I had to invest more of myself into what I was doing. Was I not already investing enough? Sheesh…I went to bed exhausted yesterday because I invest myself so much as it is! Nope. I needed to go further, deeper. Fortunately I had an awesome book to practice on which made my new assignment in life a tad bit more entertaining.

How do I do that though? Why can’t I just read that book and then write…”This book was about…I liked this book because…You should read this book because… Ummm…..B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

I read this book. Only this time I was trying my very best to have a constant stream of outer body experiences. LOL Okay, not really. But if I found a book that could do that…man o man! (Oops…getting back on track now)

I did however read this book with a notebook and pen beside me at all times. I forced myself to keep all my thoughts to the surface. I would even write them down. If I reread a sentence I would write it down and then stop and ask why did I just read that twice? I wanted to record not only my thoughts about the book, what the book was saying and doing to me, but I wanted to record my behaviors.

For example, while reading this last book I found myself thinking about the man in black from Stephen King’s Gunslinger Series. I had to stop reading and ask myself, “um girl, why are you thinking about Walter when you are reading about this…other person?” (Damn…I almost gave away her name!) My behaviors are important. I have to seek out to find why those behaviors occur. Make those connections because in life…it’s all about our behaviors and the dominos that are falling all around us thanks to those decisions and actions and behaviors.

Why is this important when all I am really doing is giving a thorough review of some book I just read?  What does it matter what I am thinking when reading a book? Does it matter?

It does. You, the reader of my review, will have the ability to see how invested in that book I really got by reading the words I share. My snarky way with words will make you think twice about walking away from a book. If I’m good. If I’m fully invested.  

If I’m not, then most of you will be able to walk away from that review and forget every single word I wrote. But…if I succeed in investing myself ultimately…something will take root within you. It may be minutes, hours, or days later…but I’m already under your skin. And you’ll feel me, it will be maybe a little tickle or even an itch. But I’m inside…and the only way to get me out…is to read that book. J That my friend, is a successful book review.

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