Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding the Diamond in the Rough

By: Michala T. 
Writing great pieces of creativity sometimes happens by chance. However most of the time it is a process. For those who decide they want to write there must occur a time of enduring THE GAP. This gap is essentially where you write your stuff and it isn’t all that great, but that’s okay. You are striving to create good quality stuff. And sometimes you even produce a piece here or there where you are absolutely certain it’s one of those great pieces. But most of the writing is only going to be okay, having the potential to be great.

Just like anything in life, writing good quality stuff takes hundreds, thousands,

even billions of shitty stuff slopped onto the paper. You MUST allow yourself to write this crap because only through it will you find the diamonds in the rough. What is mostly junk will always produce some beautiful portion that you can grab hold of and ride it through. Your seven seconds on the bull, once you have that quality work is well worth sloshing through the muck and the sludge of the writing process.

Have patience and let yourself write some awful stuff. Nobody is going to read it anyway. Not until you fight your way through the exercises of horrendous writing will you find your way into the gems.

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