Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Building On A Dream

 By: Michala T.                                                                                       
 Dreams can lend a writer some very inspiring tools to write with. There have been many times where I was stuck on a scene or a chapter and not be able to write for quite a while. Then low and behold, I awake from my sleep having dreamed the perfect scene or emotion which I needed to complete (or sometimes) begin my writing with.

Sometimes it comes in a roundabout way. I will dream about being in a car wreck. I can’t use the car wreck in my dream…especially if there are no cars around. However, I may have felt lost in my dream. Or I may have been terrified. I’ll go and look at my character and apply the feeling of being lost or terrified. And then I ask myself why does that character feel lost or terrified. And then I build onto those questions.  Emotions carry over into the scenes I write quite often.

One doesn’t have to sleep to acquire these inspirations however. Daydreaming can often produce the same effects. Yesterday I was swimming at the YMCA. (Did you know water is a very, very useful tool in brainstorming as a writer?) I was just doing some laps. For about twenty minutes it was a bit difficult for me to get anywhere. I was the only person in the pool but there was a lifeguard and for some crazy reason he was making it very difficult for me to concentrate. (Paranoid much? Nah…)

 Anyway…after finally getting into the groove of things I started daydreaming about the characters; about all the little things that could happen. For some reason I imagined eyes that were x’ed out. Not quite like the ‘dead’ x’s that one would see in the cartoons. More like stitches of X over where the eyes would be.

 I don’t know why my character was showing me this…but I knew then that she was blind. I didn’t like this really because it seemed out of place but that is what the voices tell me and one must always obey the voices in her head, right? LOL

 So needless to say, I now have a blind character to deal with. And it came from daydreaming. Odd how the voices show you things but even in your dreams they are alive and patiently waiting to tell you about themselves.


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