Saturday, September 8, 2012

Be Careful What Others Tell You!

This is Lifehacker’s top ten writing tips. As well as my personal thoughts for when I am working on my own writing projects.

                10                Organize your thoughts before writing
I do this sometimes. I like to have a general idea of what I want my chapter to be about or what I a certain emotion I want to express when writing poetry. Even if it’s just one single idea or thought I do need to sift through just a little bit. I have tried chalk/marker boards, notebooks, ect. I never cling to anything for long. I do however make sure that I carry paper and pen everywhere I go.

9                   Set a regular schedule.

This I unfortunately do not do. Unless you count maintaining that I regularly feed my family and bathe myself. Writing has never been something I could do on a regular basis. I have tried that get up 15 minutes before. I am so not a morning person. I love writing. I mean…I really love it. But sleep is vital to me. I dream. The more I can hit the snooze button, the more I dream vivid dreams. And often those dreams lead me to writing. Go to bed 30 minutes late? HA! I sometimes don’t go to sleep at all. That doesn’t mean I get to write. But I do understand that whole free writing stuff. I just don’t do it.

8                 Keep Up with Good Grammar

I do try to keep up with my grammar skills when I am writing. Although today, it is so much more difficult because grammar seems like it has gone out the window. People use acronyms for everything. But I do not go all out and freaky with my nouns and pronouns and verbs and adverbs. Do I know ALL the proper techniques…I seriously doubt that. Do I worry about it? Naw.

7                  Keep A Journal
I am a chick…and a journaling chick at that! I have been journaling since I was old enough to hold a pencil. To this day I regret tossing my journal over the fence of a neighbor’s yard before moving out of state. I don’t write every day or even every week but I do journal! I do. I do. I do.Does it help with my writing. Nope. I don’t think I have ever gone back through my journal and say, hey! I want to use this in a story.” But I still journal! And you can’t make me stop!

 6                 Use Distraction-free writing tools.

This one is such a dilemma for me. I try my best to not be near anything that can distract me…but everything distracts me! LOL Internet is not the first nor the last thing that distracts me. But there are so many times I seek a dictionary, a thesaurus, or even God Forbid! Wikipedia. If I am writing however, and it’s a good solid write, nothing is going to get in the way (at least not for too long) of that chapter or poem being written.

5                  Go Longhand for a change.

UGH! Okay, I actually tried this the other day. Do you know how very little your writing hand must write in longhand before it starts hurting? Well I do. It’s not much at all. No thank you!

4                     Learn From Other Good Writers

I would agree with this…with one huge BUT. Who is to say who another good writer is. I mean Stephen King is a good writer but he would never read V.C. Andrews or Stephanie Meyer. But they are good writers too. It’s all one’s perspective. Read who you like but I think its important to read what you do not know because who knows…you may just find your never good writer.

3                    Know Your Most Common Mistakes and avoid them.

Okay…I think that this really truly depends on what level of writing you are at. I think if you are just beginning, I wouldn’t worry about it. I would blot out that inner critic and let it all come out without stopping. Now if you are done with your book or poem or whatever…then you have to go around a second time. I think this is the only time you need to begin being critical of all your mistakes. If you study yourself enough, you will pick up on them and will then begin to correct yourself before making or just at the mistake that’s made.

2                     Beat Writer’s Block

There are some that do not believe in writer’s block. Then there are those like me. I know writers block exists. Its finding what is creating the block and blotting it out of your life that is important. I didn’t write for like months. Then I realized that I was focusing on the wrong thing. After I stopping focusing…voila. There are a ton of reasons for writers block. You MUST get past it. You must BEAT it. You MUST and you WILL.

1                  Remember why you are writing.

Do you do it because you want to make money? If so…then you need to be attacking all those freelance opps and never giving up. Are you doing it because you have a passion to share something with others. Get it wrote and then get it out to the world. Do you write because you love to write? Then make sure you write what you love.

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