Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Am I a Nerd?

By: Michala T.

Wikipedia…Gosh don’t we all just love that site…or love to hate it?  In grad school, if you use Wikipedia as a resource, you will receive an F on your assignment. Okay…not really, but it is a huge no-no and points are definitely taken off because it is deemed unreliable. And yet I am still compelled to visit the site for any research I take on. (Here’s a tip…scroll down to the very bottom and look for their resources...some of those are credible resources for your papers!) Damn…I just gave away one of my secrets!

I digress. My novel is definitely utterly fantasy. But I have not always written fantasy. It chose me, not the other way around. I actually had to seek out someone who had the knowledge for me to write it properly. (There are rules in writing guys! Really!)

I can’t help that inside my mind I picture the nerdy school boys who would play D&D or would do those role playing things…oh, those MAGIC card games and all that. I was so NOT that type of person. I was not a nerd. Or was I? I liked to read a lot. But that (according to Wiki) does not mean that I am a nerd. So what does Wiki say about nerds? Let us compare the ways…I could or could not be a nerd.

I am not overly intellectual. I could be considered obsessive about a few minor things (like biting my nails? I hate nails!) I’m definitely not socially impaired…okay, I might prefer the corner or the snack table at a large table over a huge group of people but that’s because I am shy and overly self-conscious of myself. I don’t think there is anything unpopular or obscure, or remotely technical that I pour all of my time into. Well…at least I could say that before this blog came about. Are you turning me into a nerd blog?

I am not physically awkward ( I don’t think I am but who am I to say?) Quirky…not in the least…or well…hell, I don’t know. Unattractive? Crap…I definitely have those girlish tendencies to beat myself up with thoughts that I am not that pretty or how I could gain to lose 50 lbs. But I know that there are at least a few people on this planet that might look twice at me, maybe three times. (So I can toot my own horn sometimes! I’m allowed!) I don’t prescribe to physical activity only because I’m lazy or I am too busy…it depends on who you are asking (me or my therapist! HA!)

I was a loner in school by choice…although I had a few friends. But choosing how many friends you have…doesn’t make you a nerd

I’ll give one single solid piece of ‘truth’ credit to Wiki’s definition of nerd. “Nerd has been re-appropriated by some as a term of pride and group identity”. (wiki, 2012) Kids these days love the nerdy look, take pictures with ‘nerdy’ glasses and OMGosh….nerds are considered cute and lovable and that means T-R-O-U-B-L-E for those who have teens girls because they like boys enough as it is. I thought I could trust my daughter with a nerdy guy friend. Oh how that bubble was burst!

I can’t obviously cover Wiki’s entire page on nerds. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerdy) but I am at a loss. I don’t know if I am a nerd or not. What once was is not now and what now is…I don’t understand. LOL

But I know this. I love the fantasy genre. Not all of it. I’m picky, very choosy. But it’s an amazing place to be when writing…so if that makes me a nerd…maybe I can join the Lewis and Gilbert and the Tri-Lambs and sing along to We are the Champions.  I could so rock that look!

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  1. When I was in school being a nerd wasn't cool and it usually applied to the really smart loner type who may or may not of wore glasses and had a small group of friends. Times have changed and the tables have turned, to be cool you must be a nerd. This lesson was taught to me by my daughter, who tends to have a slight nerdy side. Nerds have climbed their way up the social ladder and tend to be among the most liked in their social groups. I bet people thought Bill Gates and Steve Jobs was a nerd and look at them now. Just like in the movie the nerds have siezed the day. I tend to have some habits others might deem nerdy. Nerds need love to, so have you hugged a nerd today, hahaha. I just wanted to comment on one of your posts Michala, to let you know that I'm following you. I absolutely love it. You amaze me dear friend. :)