Sunday, September 2, 2012

7 Things That Keep Me From Writing

By: Michala T

Just when I sit down to write, there are always things around me or inside my head that always tries to prevent me from getting my writing done.  Here are a few of them.

1.Facebook! I should probably just say INTERNET.

2.FAMILY  It is so very hard and nearly impossible to get any writing done when they are in the house.

3.FAMILIAR MUSIC   I start singing along. What’s really bad is when that one song gets stuck in your head and you are like…’GET OUT OF MY HEAD!’ Oh and VIDEOS are the worst. I love them. Gosh I miss you MTV and VH1!

4.Waiting for the mailman. I can’t help it. I am a mail junkie. I will order magazines and freebies just to get mail. I LOVE IT!!!

5.Cigarettes….or the lack thereof. I smoked for years and I loved writing with a cigarette in my hand. I have been smoke free for a long while…but the urge is always there.

6.Homework. I am in grad school. There is never a moment in my day where I could be reading or writing something for my class.

7.My Inner Critic. I am constantly thinking I am not good enough, my writing suck, or that I’ll never get it right anyway so why bother. These thoughts will stomp out your will and desire and ability to write any day of the week. But I on…and pray that today will be produce good writing.

 William G. Muir

  1. Music and Podcast – When I am writing I must have something to listen to. But often times a song will come on and I just have to stop and sing along. And usually it is not just one song it is 5 in a row. As for podcast, someone will mention something and I have to go and look it up. Which often leads to item number two.
  1. TV shows, Youtube and Movies – Often times when I am writing I will either hear something or I will think of an idea for the story that will remind me of something I saw on either a TV show, Youtube or in a movie. And since I want to make sure I am recalling the detail correctly, I will stop and watch the whole thing.
  1. Facebook, Emails and Twitter – When writing I will keep a tab open for these three. When I notice something has come in I will stop and take a look at it. Then I will usually end up scrolling through Facebook to see what everyone has posted since I had last checked.
  1. Other People – It seems like other people always want to talk when you are busy.
  1. Just get stuck – When I come to a point that I either do not know how to phrase an idea or just don't know what to do next I will often stop and check out Youtube or Facebook.
  1. Desire to take a break/Just not feeling it – There are times when I just don't feel like writing. There are times when I have been at it for hours and I need a distraction. At these times my mind will just wander.
  1. Self-doubt – The biggest obstacle I face every time I write is self-doubt. Do I have anything to say that others want to hear. This one is the hardest to overcome. This one remains with me all the time. But I try not to let it stop me. I lower my head and focus on the task at hand. And even though it is always there in the back of my mind, just nagging at me, I try not to let it win. I try to pit it against itself and use it to my advantage.

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