Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Writing Assignment

Here at A Lotta Books we are interested in every aspect of the writing process. We are also interested in interacting with you our fans and followers. We would like for you to share in the writing process with us. So here is your chance to show your skills. Posted bellow is a topic sentence, we would like it if you could come up with a short story. It only needs to be a few paragraphs long. We look forward to seeing your creativity in action.

As she stared into the mirror, a chill ran down her spine, as Amy look upon a mirror image that was not her own.


  1. Amy raised her hand to the mirror, touching the hand that was not hers. "Who are you?"
    "I am you, only four past lives ago."
    Amy stared at the figure. The eyes of she stared into were her own but the clothes and the form were unknown to her."What was I four lives ago?"
    "You were the high priestess of the the Ishtalum. And in two days you will die at the hands of your daughter unless you can help me stop her."

  2. Amy had an absolutely astonished expression, but her counterpart did not reflect her. "But how..?" she uttered. She did not know what to make of it. Her daughter was a lovely and sweet teenager. Naturally she was a bit rebellious and often turned up loud rock music and wore coats of dark make-up, but she loved her mom, and Amy could tell.
    "What is this conspiracy?! Go away!" she yelled at the mirror. And threatened it with a raised fist.
    The mirror image was unfazed. "I understand how you are feeling, but this is your fate, unless you change it."
    It continued "Your daugther is the vessel of the reincarnation of the wicked demon Ivan whom you defeated and sealed away under the earth four lives ago. However, the seal has worn away and for revenge he has planted his soul inside your daughter that is to be repealed on her 18th birthday."